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Staff & Classroom Connection

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Fausey Elementary School Staff
 Grade/Program Room  Teacher  Classroom Website
 Special Education Summary      website link
 Special Education 10  Ms. Della Giustina  website link
 Special Education 16 Mrs. St. Peter  website link
 Special Education 17 Mrs. Chalero   website link
 Special Education   Mrs. Seidl  website link
 Special Education   Ms. Feeley  website link

 Grade 1 Summary

     website link
 Grade 1 22  Ms. Pytka  website link
 Grade 1 23  Ms. Kauffman  website link
 Grade 1 24 Mrs. O'Brien  website link
 Grade 1 29 Mrs. Brogan  website link

 Grade 2 Summary

     website link
 Grade 2 25 Mrs. Desilets  website link
 Grade 2 26 Mrs. Radon   website link
 Grade 2 27 Mrs. DeMagistris   website link
 Grade 2 28 Mrs. Svec   website link

 Grade 3 Summary

     website link
 Grade 3 11 Mrs. Johnson  website link
 Grade 3 12 Ms. Pichey   website link
 Grade 3 13  Mrs. Glidden  website link
 Grade 3 20  Mrs. Santos   website link

 Grade 4 Summary

     website link
 Grade 4 14 Ms. Ventrice/Ms. Feeley  website link
 Grade 4 15 Mrs. Sousa  website link
 Grade 4 18 Ms. Hanley  website link
 Grade 4 19  Mrs. Gibney  website link

 Grade 5 Summary

     website link
 Grade 5 41 Mrs. Stearns   website link
 Grade 5 42 Mrs. Cameron  website link
 Grade 5 43 Mrs. Birks/Ms. Feeley   website link
 Grade 5 44 Mr. Bailey  website link
 Art   Mrs. Carter  website link
 Computer   Mrs. Florek  website link
 Music   Mrs. Sapowsky  website link 
 Band   Mr. Rovero  website link
 Physical Education   Ms. O'Shaughnessy   website link
 Learning Center  30 Ms. Brunelle   website link
 Learning Center  30 Mrs. Daubitz   website link
 Learning Center  30 Ms. Bogner  website link
 Reading Center  31 A & 36 Mr. Harty, Mrs. Petit, Mrs. Kane  website link
 Speech   Mrs. Casey, Mrs. Dec   website link
 OT/PT   Ms. Murray, Mrs. Psholka   website link
 Math Specialist  31 B Mrs. Altman   website link