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School Adjustment Counselor

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Eric Doyle


I’m glad you found me!


  • My passion is to support your child’s social, emotional, developmental, and educational needs – on a daily basis and in a variety of ways.
  • My priority is the overall well-being of your child, no matter how small or great the difficulty or challenge. 
  • My hope and goal is that for each child at Fausey School to know they are cared for and cared about. Even moreover, I hope to help each child recognize that he or she is an amazing individual who has his or her own unique talents to discover and enjoy. After many years working closely with children and families, I've come to consider my hope and goal a shared vision with parents, guardians, teachers and administrators. It is a noble responsibility that adults share towards supporting and caring for children in ways that nourish their development. I know that a little love, care, and consideration goes a long way, but believe that a lot of these things will go much farther than we may ever know. 
  • My request is that you will contact me with any questions or concerns regarding the needs of your child. My promise is that I will respond professionally and promptly and to do all that is necessary to ensure your child has his or her needs met compassionately.