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Principal - Mrs. Calabrese

Grade 1 - Mrs. Hewes and Mrs. Johnson

Grade 2 - Mrs. Duquette and Mrs. Flaherty

Grade 3 - Mrs. Glaessner and Mrs. Johnson

Grade 4 - Ms. Patterson and Mrs. Weldon

Grade 5 - Ms. Heroux, Mr. Overgaard

Special Education - Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Meara

Reading - Ms. Brunelle, Mrs. Fiorentino and Mrs. Kolodziej

Physical Education - Ms. Sirignano and Mr. Hamel

Technology Education - Mr. Preye and Mrs. Finn

Music & Band - Mrs. Sapowski and Mr. Rovero

Art - Ms. Thahir

Speech/Language Pathologist - Mrs. Martin

Adjustment Counselor - Mr. Ragno

Nurse - Mrs. Motyka

Secretary - Mrs. Tolpa

Paraprofessionals - Mrs. Brunelle, Mr. Hegarty,

Mrs. Pinkerman, Mrs. Sady and Ms. Sheridan, Mrs. Surmava

Custodians - Mr. Serewicz and Mr. Kouzmouk

Cafeteria Manager - Mrs. Lomma