Nurse's Corner

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Heart Healthy Challenge

We're just two weeks away from our Jump Rope/Hoops For Heart event. Our students are learning how to be heart healthy by eating more fruits and veggies. Please help us keep others healthy and save lives by asking for donations.

Go to to join our school and take a healthy pledge. Then, share your heart-healthy pledge by sending 10 emails or Ecards to your family and friends and ask them to pass it on.

We know you can do this! 

Mobile Dentist
The mobile dentist will be visiting our school on 9/13/2017.  Forms went out the first week of school.  If you have not returned the form please do so as soon as possible.  If you need a form please call me at my office and I can send one home with your child.  You may also call the Smile program directly at 1-888-833-8441 to sign up your child for this service. 


Dear Parents,

    Fluoride consent forms have been sent out.  Please look in you child's backpack and return to health office ASAP.  We will be starting the program this Friday 9/8/17

    Having your child participate in this program will improve the dental health of your child by preventing cavities.  This along with dental check ups every 6 months and regular brushing and flossing, will ensure your child has strong and healthy teeth for years to come.

Thank you!


Welcome to Mittineague School!!

    For those of you who are new to our Mittineague family my name is Mrs. Laura Bowler and I am your school nurse.  I am looking forward to having a great healthy, safe and successful 2017-2018 school year. Here is some information to help us start the year on the right path.

Nurses' Office Hours
8 am to 3pm
Telephone Number 263-3373
Emergency Contacts


Remember to update phone numbers and emergency contacts.  It is important for us to be able to contact you if your child is ill or injured. So please take the time to fill and hand in your yellow card.  Thank you.

    Please remember that students cannot remain in school without up to date immunizations.  Students who have been conditionally enrolled due to a vaccine catch up program must continue to complete immunization series in a timely manner in order to remain in school.  I am available to work with your child's health care provider to bring your child into compliance with immunization requirements.  In the case of an infectious disease outbreak, students who are not immunized will be excluded from school for the recommended period of contagion.

Medications During School Hours


    We encourage parents to arrange medication schedules so that class time is not interrupted for medications.  However, if your child requires medication during school hours, the following policies are in place to insure safety and comply with Massachusetts Department of Health regulations governing administration of medications in schools:

1. All medications, including over-the-counter medications, require a written physician medication order and parental consent.  Forms are available from the school nurse and on the district website.

2. An adult must deliver medication to school.  Children are not allowed to carry medication to and from school.

3. All medication must be picked up on the last day of school.  Medication cannot be stored over the summer break and will be discarded.

4. Field Trips: If your child has medication in school and is going on a field trip, please sign and return the separate field trip medication form in order for your child to safely attend the trip.


Food Allergies

    If your child has a Food Allergy please make sure that the school has the proper documentation and medication available.  In order to properly care for your child we will need the following:

1.  Documentation of Allergen

2.  Allergy medication orders from primary care physician ( order forms available at the nurses office or at the district website).

3.  Completed Allergy Action Plan

4.  Allergy medication (Epipen/Benadryl)



    If your child suffers from Asthma we will need the following:

1.  Asthma medication orders from primary care physician

2.  Completed Asthma Action Plan

3.  Asthma medication