Nurse's Corner

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Welcome Coburn Families!

My name is Mrs. Chapman and I am the nurse at Coburn School. I am looking forward to a successful and healthy 2017-2018 school year. Here is some information to help us start the year on the right path.
Health Office Hours 08:00 am -03:00 pm
Telephone Number 413-263-3320

Emergency cards

It is very important that we are able to reach you or a designated adult in case of an emergency or when your child is ill.  Please make sure you send in completed yellow emergency cards to the health office and that you keep them updated as needed throughout the year.

When should my child stay home from school?

child sick

  1. If the child has vomiting or diarrhea.
  2. If the child has conjunctivitis, the child must remain home for 24 hours after starting medication prescribed by the doctor.
  3. If the child has strep throat, impetigo, or any other ailment requiring an antibiotic, the child should be kept home for 24 hours after starting the antibiotic.
  4. For fever of 100 or more, the child must be kept home until fever free for 24 hours after the last fever medication was given.
  5. If the child has had surgery, follow physician instructions for return to school.
  6. A child with live lice may return to school after treatment and be examined by the school nurse before returning to class.  Children should not have long absences for lice.
  7. A child with a contagious disease should remain home until cleared by the doctor to return to school.

A child who is not completely immunized for an infectious disease will have to remain home in the case of a disease outbreak.