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Inclement Weather Message to the WSPS Community

Post Date:11/26/2019 10:48 AM

While one day it may not look and feel like winter is around the corner, we know that a lot can change in New England in a short period of time -- even day to day, and hour to hour!  WSPS strives to be prepared for whatever weather comes our way. While there were fewer school closures and delays last winter, recent winter seasons have caused numerous school closures and delays. 

Over the next 12-14 weeks, temperatures will fluctuate and we will no doubt experience multiple weather changes.  Our goal is to keep our schools operating on schedule as much as possible. If it snows at night, that does not necessarily mean there will be a delay or closing the next day.  Road crews in our excellent community are out quickly during a storm, and for the most part, our buses are ready to roll on time the next day.  

When circumstances dictate a change in the schedule, you will receive a call from me regarding a delay or closing.  If you don’t hear from me via our emergency phone system, hear the news on the TV/radio, or see a notice on our website ( or social media (@WestSideSupt on Twitter; West Springfield Public Schools on Facebook), then we are opening on time.  All decisions to cancel or delay will be made in the morning unless extraordinary circumstances dictate that the decision must be made the evening prior.

The decision to open school during inclement weather is not made lightly.  This decision is made with the knowledge that the main roads are open, that buses are able to traverse secondary roads, and that the vast majority of our 4,000+ students can be transported safely.  Prior to any decision being made, I consult with Central Maintenance, the Department of Public Works, and the Superintendents of surrounding school districts. I am aware that there are families residing on some less-traveled roads that may experience more difficulty.  If you disagree with a weather-related school opening call, feel free to keep your child(ren) home. While the absence will not be considered an excused absence, we certainly respect your wishes. 

Unless absolutely necessary, please do not elect to drive your child to school on an inclement weather day.  Buses are much heavier than any automobile, more stable on winter roads and are the safest form of transportation available. 

Thanks again for your patience.  Winter in the northeast is unpredictable, and we all know that even a normal winter in the northeast can be challenging.

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