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Rental of School Facilities

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In order to rent the West Springfield Public Schools facilities, a building use form must be obtained (either through this website, or from the school you wish to rent). Should the use of Clark Field be requested, please use this form.

Process for submitting the application:

  • Bring the form to the school you wish to rent. The principal must sign off on the availability of the building.
  • The principal will then send the form to the Business Office (School Department), where the application will be reviewed. Once the application has been approved, the group must provide a deposit and a certificate of liability insurance. All groups must cover the cost of the required custodial coverage and clean up; and depending upon the event, your group may be required to cover the cost of having a police officer on the grounds during your event. In addition to these costs, rental fees are stated on the back of the building use form.

If you have any questions on the building rental process, please contact Margaret Butera in the Business Office at 413-263-3303 or