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Principal's Newsletter

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Dear Families~ 

I am so pleased that you are a member of our "Memorial Family" as partners in the education of your children! I look forward to watching your children succeed and grow, both academically, socially, and as responsible people. Your children are incredibly special to us and we value each and every one of them for their unique qualities. It is important that every child who steps into our building is just as excited to be here as our staff is! A positive attitude enables us to meet all challenges and to promote academic excellence in a nurturing and exciting environment.

Each day, we will focus on character education initiatives and the use of data to drive instruction.  We will adhere to the Massachusetts State Standards in order to provide relevant, consistent and rigorous implementation of the curriculum. We will also be providing academic experiences to help children build relationships and make real-world connections, which will increase their achievement and understanding.

Regular, on-time attendance is of extreme importance so that your child receives uninterrupted instruction. If children are not regularly in school on time, it is difficult for them to grasp concepts and ideas that build upon one another.

We suggest you schedule appointments as late in the afternoon as possible, or ideally, during school vacations. If your child has an appointment, please make sure your child attends school until it is his/her appointment time. Every minute spent in the classroom is an important learning experience. Our staff is always ready to help you to find ways to make sure your child regularly attends school on time.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to work with you and your family as I lead in one of the finest schools you will ever step foot into. Our teachers and staff are here to assist you and you will find their contact information on this website. Additionally, I will be making phone calls, texts and emails prior to school events as well as utilizing Twitter to share information. We hope you will be able to attend events and visit the school often!

I look forward to working with you as a team to help each child at Memorial School become the best they can be - as young scholars and future leaders in society!


Best Regards,

Donna Calabrese, M.Ed., CAGS

Principal of Memorial School