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Staff & Classroom Connection

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Coburn Staff Information
 Grade/Program  Room  Teacher  Website
 Principal    Mrs. Martin-Ryan  
 Vice Principal   Mr. Atkins  
 Secretaries    Mrs. Gendreau, Mrs. Olberg
 Nurse    Mrs. Byrne-Cardillo  
 Head Custodian    Mr. Noe  
 Kindergarten  1  Mrs. Marshall-Moriarty  
 Kindergarten  2  Mrs. Cameron  
 Kindergarten  36 Ms. Danahey  

 Grade 1

 3 Mrs. L. Sullivan  
 Grade 1  4 Ms. West  
 Grade 1  5  Mrs. Murphy  
 Grade 1  6  Mrs. Cirillo  
 Grade 1  14  Mrs. Browne  
 Grade 1  15 Ms. Arment  
 Grade 2  12  Ms. Price  
 Grade 2  13  Ms. Mrs. DalMolin  website link
 Grade 2  19  Mrs. Pettengill  
 Grade 2  20  Mrs. Duggan  
 Grade 3  16  Mrs. Pepe  
 Grade 3  17  Ms. Kraver  
 Grade 3  18 Ms. B. Sullivan  
 Grade 3  24  Mrs. Singer  
 Grade 3  25  Ms. Metcalf  
 Grade 4  26  Mrs. Cauley  
 Grade 4  27  Mr. Canata  website link
 Grade 4  28  Mrs. Cosentini  
 Grade 4  23  Mrs. Buswell  
 Grade 5  11  Ms. Witherell  
 Grade 5  22  Mrs. Pringle  
 Grade 5  21  Ms. Toolan  
 Grade 5  29  Mrs. Kardos  
 Grade 5  30  Ms. Jacobs  
 Art   Ms. Largey & Ms. Thahir  
 Music    Ms. Tucker, Mrs. Murphy-Sapowsky, Ms. Lynch  
 Computer Lab    Mrs. Finn  website link
 Band    Mr. Rovero  
 PE    Ms. Maccarone, Mr. O'Brien, Mr.Hamel  
 Math    Mrs. Piper & Mrs. O'Brien  website link
 Reading     Mrs. Agostino, Ms. DeLong, Ms. Lavelle, Ms. Lozinski  
 Reading Recovery    Ms. Dickey, Mrs. Albro-Fisher  
 School Adjustment Counselors    Ms. Connolly, Ms. Bedinelli  

 Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Ladouceur, Mrs. Landers, Mrs. Peltier

Ms. Gavioli

 Special Education    Mrs. Landry, Mrs. Marion, Mrs. Richards  
 ETL   Ms. Siragusa  
 Psychologist    Mrs. Chiarizio  
 Speech and Language    Ms. Balas  
 Math Coach    Mrs. Gorodisher  
 Literacy Coach    Mrs.Diaz