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WSPS Remote Learning Plan - THIS LINK 

COVID-19 Remote Learning/Engagement/Family Resources Website - THIS LINK

West Springfield Public Schools CLOSED UNTIL MAY 4

2020-2021 New Student Registration Portal Open - HERE

Click this link to access student work that has been provided for students during this emergency closure.


This link works best when activated from a student's wsps account


 The work is organized by grade with folders for each subject within the grade levels.


There is enough work prepared for up to 30 days of missed school for each subject, however, please note that our first priority is student and family safety.  So, complete what you can.  Students are not required to complete every piece of work issued.  The work is simply provided to maintain student skills and academic progress.  It's a response to an emergency and opportunity for enrichment not an academic placement. 

 Please email me at with any questions.  Know that teachers are available to answer questions via email as well.  Powerschool will not be updated during this time.

Stay safe,


Pete Gillen