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Last Day of School:  June 10 - Early Childhood/Kindergarten, and June 12 - Gr. 1-11

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Welcome CTEC students

A.M. CTEC students are expected to attend CTEC during MCAS testing sessions at WSHS UNLESS they are scheduled to take an MCAS exam.
CHECK for Cancellations and delays of CTEC (Career Tech) as well as WSHS...they may have different delays/cancellations.

CTEC applicants have met with CTEC Guidance and letters will be sent out from CTEC as to the status of your application.   CTEC Guidance Director John Michaels is reachable at 413-735-6307.

ttention AM CTEC Students:    The LPVEC bus leaves West Springfield High School from the far end of the driveway (abutting the main student parking lot at 7:20a.m. sharp)  Please be at the CTEC bus @WSHS for 7:10a.m.  each morning.  
The p.m. CTEC bus departs WSHS for CTEC at 11:10AM and 2 separate buses leave CTEC at 2:15p.m. for return trip to WSHS or various other stops.   Please call LPVEC transportation for route stop information at 413-789-3291.
The late bus 🚌 will allow students to take part in after school activities and stay after for extra help when need be.   
The bus will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  It will arrive at the high school between 3:00pm and 3:15pm.  Any student who lives in town can take the late bus.  
If you are in need of the late bus, please be sure to be out of and in front of the high school by 3:00pm.

On MCAS testing days, CTEC AM students are expected to attend CTEC unless taking an MCAS exam.

On early dismissal days at WSHS, afternoon CTEC students are still expected to attend CTEC and busses will run to transport students as usual on these days. 
 On these days return bus routes will be slightly different than the usual return bus drop offs.  There will be 2 buses running, one returning to WSHS and the other dropping off students in various locales around town.  Please contact LPVEC transportation for specific route details at 789-3291.

Please see or call (413-263-3440) Mrs. Bard in Guidance with any questions. 
If you cannot reach Mrs. Bard, please contact the main office at WSHS at 413-263-3400 or CTEC directly at 413-735-6300.


-Any absences from P.M. CTEC on WSHS half-days will NOT be excused.

-Lunch will be provided at CTEC on WSHS half-days with free/ reduced and full-pay lunch as it is at WS