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Test Taking/Study Skills

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Remember to slow and steady wins the race.  Don't fall behind...

MCAS for Freshmen is June 2nd & 3rd Science only.  Look out for test taking strategy sessions!

Great Article on SAT's

High Stakes tests are anxiety provoking for students everywhere.   As freshmen, the mid year exams are the first exposure to longer tests. I have listed some strategies for preparing for mid year or final exams.

How to prepare for Mid-Year/Final Exams or any other high stakes test.

1) Use your notes and Study Guides: teachers will give you study guides for the exams or lead you to what will be covered by past exam questions.  I encourage all students to stay after with their teachers to be sure they understand the material that will be covered.

2) Begin your review as soon as possible.  Preparing for these exams begins with proper preparation throughout the school year.  If you have been preparing all along, a review will be much easier.  If you have not preparing, you should start as soon as you receive the study guides.

3) Use your resources: Go on to websites (such as Khan Academy), you tube videos, books, study partners etc.  Anything that will assist you with your memory.

4) Start with Key concepts.  Highlight what you do not know and study that first.  Review what you believe you already know.

5)Find out the presentation of the exam: Short answer, multiple choice, essay etc.

6) Organize your time: Plan a little time each night to study.  Plan for same time every night.  Choose a quiet area, shut off electronic devices.

7) Music/No Music: For years studies have indicated no music.  However, recent studies have shown that music, without lyrics, may help in studying for some students.  If you are going to study to music, make sure it is not a radio station where a lot of disruptions or talking. Music should not have lyrics.

8) Memorization tricks: Use memorization tricks such as mnemonic devices.

9) Use as many senses as possible to study (sight, sound, walking, etc).

10) Keep calm, good night's sleep, eat a good breakfast, bring a snack and be prepared (pencil, pen, calculators etc).

11) During the test: Both feet flat on the floor, sit up straight, take deep breaths, ask questions (if possible and appropriate). Find previous MCAS test questions in order to prepare for MCAS : This website has resources from study skills, to test taking strategies, to time management strategies. Offers resources on note taking, vocabulary building, grammar.