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Last Day of School:  June 10 - Early Childhood/Kindergarten, and June 12 - Gr. 1-11

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A Note From the Principal

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Welcome to West Springfield Middle School!

 Our student handbook is available on our district website.  It outlines the programs, rules, regulations, and procedures described in it have been established to create the best possible atmosphere for the education of all students regardless of race, color, sex, religion, gender identity, or disability. They are based on respect for the rights of others and on the individual’s responsibility to perform his/her job in the best way possible. Since the middle school student is in a period of physical and psychological development and change, the school program is designed to accommodate this critical period of adolescence.

 Our program offers a wide variety of subject matter as well as extracurricular activity. This, in turn, stimulates exploring minds during that period of your lives when you are still making choices for lifetime careers. The ultimate purpose of education is to help each student to become an effective citizen in a democracy. Developing and accepting the responsibilities and obligations of good citizenship will help you to participate in our varied activities and thus find those things within our school which will prepare you to live a better life and finally to take your place in this complex society. We hope the information included will be of value in helping you to adjust to your school and to become an integral part of it.

 Good luck and remember that your success in this school will be directly proportional to your student's efforts.


Peter J. Gillen