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Homework Pages and Staff Contact List

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EL Grade 6 Mr. Landers
EL Math Mrs. Skalinskya
EL Grade 7 Ms. Charette
EL Grade 8 Ms. Gazzillo
6th Grade Special Education Mrs. Atkins website link
6th Grade Special Education Mrs. Neylon website link
6th Grade Special Education Ms. Reinhard website link
Team 6-1 - ELA Mrs. Canata website link
Team 6-1 - Math Mrs. Dunphy website link
Team 6-1 - Science Mrs. McClure website link
Team 6-1 - Social Studies Mrs. Steele website link
Team 6-2 - Social Studies Ms. Power website link
Team 6-2 - ELA Mr. Ouimet website link
Team 6-2 - Science Mrs. Bryant website link
Team 6-2 - Math Mr. Calderon website link
Team 6-3 - Social Studies Mr. Chotkowski website link
Team 6-3 - Science Mrs. Leahy website link
Team 6-3 - ELA Mrs. Toporowski-Melo website link
Team 6-3 - Math Mrs. Patruski website link
7th Grade Special Education Mrs. Lteif website link
7th Grade Special Education Mrs. Pothier website link
7th Grade Special Education Ms. Kraas website link
Team 7-1 - Social Studies Mr. Boutilier website link
Team 7-1 - Math Mr. Ciborowski website link
Team 7-1 - Science Mr. Powell website link
Team 7-1 - ELA Mrs. Brown website link
Team 7-2 - Social Studies Mr. Cookish website link
Team 7-2 - ELA Ms. Godden website link
Team 7-2 - Math Ms. Gagnon website link
Team 7-2 - Science Ms. Logan website link
Team 7-3 - Social Studies Mr. Gumlaw website link
Team 7-3 - ELA Mrs. Bonnayer website link
Team 7-3 - Math Ms. Eberli. website link
Team 7-3 - Science Mrs. Donze website link
Modern World Mr. Camberis website link
Spanish Ms. Fontana website link
8th Grade Special Education MS. Cyranowski website link
8th Grade Special Education Ms. Gauthier website link
8th Grade Special Education Ms. Lewis website link
Team 8-1 - Math Mrs. Steele website link
Team 8-1 - Science Mr. Wegrzyn website link
Team 8-1 - ELA Ms. Geiss website link
Team 8-1 - Social Studies Ms. Soja website link
Team 8-2 - ELA Mr. Dufault website link
Team 8-2 - Social Studies Mr. Haryasz website link
Team 8-2 - Math Mr. O'Connell website link
Team 8-2 - Science Mr. Taft website link
Team 8-3 - Social Studies Mr. Vooys website link
Team 8-3 - Math Mrs. Ricard website link
Team 8-3 - ELA Mrs. Russell website link
Team 8-3 - Science Ms. Tratiak website link
Special Education Mrs. Altobelli
Special Education Mrs. Mazur
Special Education Mrs. Lubas
Unified Arts - Art Ms. Austin
Unified Arts - Art Ms. Murphy
Unified Arts - Computer Mr. Mazzotta
Unified Arts - Computer Mrs. Gomes website link
Unified Arts - Computer Mrs. Lennon website link
Unified Arts - Creative Literacy Mrs. Torres
Unified Arts - Creative Literacy Ms. Miller
Unified Arts - Exploring Foods Mrs. O'Connor
Unified Arts - Health Mrs. Hardy
Unified Arts - Health Ms. Patruksi
Unified Arts - Math Exploration Mrs. Zymroz
Unified Arts - Music Mr. Desgres
Unified Arts - Music Mr. Turcotte website link
Unified Arts - PE Mr. Federico
Unified Arts - PE Mr. Murphy
Unified Arts - PE Mrs. Smith
Unified Arts- Reading Intervention Mrs. Gaw
Guidance Counselor- Grade 7 Mrs. McKinnon
Guidance Counselor- Grade 8 Mrs. Royer
Guidance Counselor- Grade 6 Mrs. Ralph
Adjustment Counselor Mr. Hanscom
Adjustment Counselor Mrs. Cantler
School Resource Officer Officer Johnson
ETL Mr. Conz
School Psychologist Dr. Accordino
Nurse Mrs. Pandolfi