2024-2025 School Year

Please submit your registration by August 18, 2024 to allow time for processing. Student's registered after August 18th may not be ready for the first day of school.

Please be sure to read the following registration requirements prior to continuing to the online student registration portal below.

Note: You will need an email account to register. If you do not have one, instructions are here to create one.


The following documents are required for enrollment in West Springfield Public Schools (documentation can be uploaded onto the online registration form)

  1. Birth Certificate/Passport/or I-94 Card
    1. (If the student had a name change, please include the 'Change of Name Decree' from the court)
  2. Proof of Residency
  3. Proof of Occupancy
  4. Proof of Identity
  5. Physical Exam or Proof of Upcoming Appointment
    1. (Exam must be within the last 12 months - SIGNED by Physician; students enrolling into PreK or Garde K must show a lead screening on their physical exam)
  6. Immunization Records
  7. Prior School Records
    1. (Transcript/report card, test scores, ACCESS scores, attendance and discipline records)
  8. If applicable - Custodial Agreement(s), IEP, 504 Accommodation Plan
Proof of Residency
(Own or Rent)
Proof of Occupancy
(Dated within the last 30 days)
Proof of Identity
(For the Parent/Guardian)
Copy of Deed Utility Bill Valid Driver's License
Recent Mortgage Statement or Payment Home or Rental Inusrance Statement

Valid Government Issued ID

Signed Lease or Rental Agreement Water/Sewer Bill Valid Passport
Section 8 Agreement Property/Excise Tax I-94 Card
Purchase & Sales Agreement SIGNED by all parties
Placement Letter

Age Requirements

The West Springfield School Committee has adopted the following age requirements for entrance into Kindergarten and Grade 1 - (File JEB)

  • Pre-Kindergarten Entrance: A child is eligible to enroll in the pre-kindergarten program provided they reach the age of three (3) by September 1st in that calendar year.
  • Kindergarten Entrance: A child is eligible to enroll in kindergarten provided they reach the age of five (5) by September 1st in that calendar year.
  • Grade 1 Entrance: A child is eligible to enroll in first grade provided they reach the age of six (6) by September 1st in that calendar year.

Enrolling for Pre-K?

Parent/Guardian(s) enrolling their child for pre-k will need to complete the Early Childhood Program application before continuing to complete the online registration form through our portal.

The online registration form is currently only available in English and Spanish. If you need language assistance, please connect with the English Learner Department before proceeding  by emailing: rcobos@wsps.org. Thank you!