Counselor's Corner

Welcome! My name is Wendy Cluff and I am the counselor at Memorial Elementary School. I work with whole classrooms, students in small groups, or occasionally I meet with students individually to support the social-emotional health of all students at Memorial.

I provide classroom lessons on a range of topics that include friendship, self-control, problem solving and respect. These lessons are scheduled regularly with classroom teachers. For any small groups I send home a permission form with the topic, timeline, group goals of what will be covered. For individual support, a student, teacher, parent or principal can refer to me to support a student short-term, as needed, on issues that may impact a child’s day at school such as friendships, motivation, classroom conflicts etc. I also provide parent consultation around your child’s academic and emotional needs and community resources such as referrals to mental health agencies, after school programs, food, shelter, etc.

I look forward to working with all the Memorial students and their families, and to help build a successful year for each student. For questions or to schedule a phone or in-person appointment please contact me at the school, my work phone number is 413-263-3335, and my school email is

Wendy Cluff, LCSW