School Counseling

The West Springfield High School Counseling Department uses a developmental approach to provide comprehensive, data driven counseling services to all high school students. Using this model we foster academic success, social/emotional growth and college and career readiness through individual counseling, group sessions and parent communication. The department supports students in developing 21st century skills while encouraging all students to make healthy choices, be responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Mission Statement

The School Counseling Department at West Springfield High School offers a full range of personal, small and large group, direct and indirect counseling services to all students in Grades 9 through 12. We strive to work in cooperation with our faculty, staff, administrators and our students' caretakers and stake-holders. We offer a variety of programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our students who are struggling. Our Reconnecting Youth Class and our Drop Out Prevention Task Force are two of these programs. Additionally we have contracted out to the Behavioral Health Network, a local group of clinicians, to meet individually with students who might not otherwise get to utilize such services. Rick's Place, is a local grief and bereavement organization that offer a group to help those who have lost a loved one. Our Guidance and Adjustment counselors are excellent resources for our students and their families. Please review "The High School Counselor" brochure to see the types of additional services we offer.