Special Education Parent Advisory Council

A SEPAC is a Special Education Parent Advisory Council. Every public school district in Massachusetts is required to establish a SEPAC. Massachusetts state law assigns both an advisory and participatory function to SEPACs. Membership is offered to all parents of children with disabilities and other interested parties. Our current board consists of a Special Services Director (open seat) and the following members:

Nancy Bowie

Karen Labucki

Mission Statement

1. Work toward nurturing a climate of inclusion, understanding, respect, and appropriate support and education for all children with learning differences and special needs

2. Advise the school district on matters relating to the education and safety of students with learning differences and disabilities

3. Meet regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development and evaluation of the school district’s special education programs

4. Conduct workshops, in cooperation with the school district, regarding the rights of special education students and parents/guardians under the state and federal laws

5. Promote the education of parents/guardians, students, and the community at large on the issues of special education, rights, tolerance, and services

6. To create a constituency and presence in the school district, being a forum promoting family to family networking and support, including maintaining a list of community resources.

What does SEPAC do?

  •  Meets regularly during the school year to discuss district special education needs, progress, concerns and/or questions related to overall district special education programming.

  •  SEPAC co-chairs meet with administrators to collaborate on special education programming and policies in our district.

  • Provide a support network for families to voice personal concerns and experiences without judgment.

  • Organize surveys to see how our district’s special education and general education can improve.

  • Provide resources, workshops, and information on events related to special education.